Accounting Career in Australia

In Australia, an Accountant has a broad range of career prospects. To mention a few, as an accounting professional, you will have prospects in tax, public accounting, assurance services, consulting services, forensic accounting, international accounting, etc. Furthermore, you can also get good opportunities in strategic management and financial planning of businesses in Australia.

Studying Accounting

Studying Accounting in Australia is no easy feat. You have to prove yourself to be an excellent student. To complete the CA & CPA Bachelor of Accounting Course in Australia successfully, you need to demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Combine theoretical knowledge with technical knowledge and apply it within an area of your learning and work
  • Evaluate, analyze, integrate, and formulate information and knowledge to make better decisions while addressing a variety of business problems
  • Apply professional expertise and skills to analyze and assess data using techniques and software to complete a variety of accounting-related tasks
  • Think critically and creatively to recognize and solve problems in a variety of business contexts that a CPA can encounter
  • Communicate accounting advice, new ideas, and proposals to all stakeholders in collaborative settings
  • Use effort and judgment while preparing plans, solving problems, and making decisions, whether it’s in your classroom practice or research. Being initiative is also a plus.
  • Ability to solve diverse and dynamic problems by predicting uncertainty and by adapting and applying experience and skills
  • Behave like a trained practitioner while working independently and in partnership with others in a variety of settings. Also, be responsible and accountable

Popular Course Options

Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Masters of Professional Accounting

Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

A Bachelor of Business in Accounting will assist students in developing the skills required to assess, analyze, and communicate the financial status of an organization or an entity. It will also help them to nurture the skills to evaluate the financial position of an individual. Likewise, some of the critical areas you will deal with in the course are financial accounting, management accounting, general finance, tax, and auditing. The program will also cover commercial law and economics.

Likewise, you need to have an IELTS score of seven in each component (PTE sixty-five each is also a popular choice) to practice accounting in Australia professionally. After that, the Accounting bodies in Australia, such as the CPA, CA, and IPA, will evaluate and determine your qualifications. You are entitled to pursue Permanent Residency options after you have received your evaluation from the Accounting bodies of Australia.

Masters of Professional Accounting

A Masters of Professional Accounting will assist students in developing the broad skills needed to assess, analyze, and communicate a company’s or individual’s financial standing. This course will also provide extensive research opportunities and experience in the key areas of accounting. Likewise, you will also have the chance to improve your learning with the help of mobility programs and collaboration with peers from around the world. You can also develop your footing in the industry through job placements, research, and practical projects. Furthermore, the program will cover key areas of accounting, such as financial accounting, management accounting, tax, finance, and auditing. Similarly, core subjects will include economics and commercial law.

You will require an IELTS score of seven in each component (PTE sixty-five each is also a popular option) to practice accounting in Australia. Likewise, Australian accounting bodies such as the CPA, CA, and IPA will determine your qualifications. After that, you are eligible to seek Permanent Residency options in Australia.

Skill Assessment for Accounting

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