Skill Assessment for Engineering

For most engineering professions, Engineers Australia (EA) is the official evaluating authority. Within Australia's engineering practice, it recognized the following occupational categories:

Professional Engineer

After twelve years of schooling or equivalent, an Australian four-year bachelor’s degree in engineering from a university is required.

Engineering Technologist

After twelve years of schooling or equivalent, the mandatory academic qualification is an Australian three-year bachelor of technology degree in engineering.

Engineering Associate

Again, following twelve years of schooling or equivalent, an Australian two-year Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree in engineering is required.

Engineering Managers
(For migration purpose only)

A bachelor’s degree or higher in engineering or an engineering-related field is usually needed after twelve years of schooling or equivalent.

Criteria for Skill Assessment for Engineering in Australia

The following criteria are required to be eligible to apply for the mentioned courses as international students.

If you are applying for an undergraduate program,
  1. You must have completed an Australian Year 12 or equivalent senior secondary school qualification with a minimum average of sixty-five percent.
    (Note: You may be required to take the Foundation Study Program if you get admitted under equivalent qualifications.)
  2. A score of at least twenty-five in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Units 3 and 4 in Mathematical Methods (CAS) or higher or equivalent course.
  3. You will need to complete the English proficiency test, IELTS (Academic), with a minimum overall band of 6.5 and no individual band less than six.
If you are applying for the master's program,
  1.  You need to have completed an Australian or international equivalent bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of two in the required field.
  2. You will need to complete the English proficiency test, IELTS (Academic), with a minimum overall band of 6.5 and no individual band less than six.

Check out the important documents you will require.

English Language Requirements For Engineers



Applicants who submit an IELTS test result must score at least 6.0 in each of the four modules (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). Both the General and Academic versions of the test are accepted by Engineers Australia.


Applicants will need to submit a TOEFL iBT® result with the following minimum scores for each of the 4 modules:

  • Listening: 12
  • Reading: 13
  • Writing: 21
  • Speaking: 18

Engineers Australia accepts joint test results as long as all test results are valid at the time of application submission (no more than two years old), and the requisite score is achieved at least once for each module. EA can allow a mix of multiple TOEFL or IELTS, but not a mixed batch of both. Likewise, EA will consider combined results as long as all evaluations are correct at the time of application submission and the appropriate score is achieved at least once for each module.

For example, if both tests are correct at the time of submission, including both test results below will be appropriate.






Test 1





Test 2





Work Experience

Engineers with little job experience can also apply to have their skill assessment.  It’s worth noting that work experience isn’t a compulsory prerequisite. So, if you have limited work experience, you can show your abilities by referencing your undergraduate engineering degree as well as the project/work experience components of your academic studies.

Likewise, if you have twelve months or more of related work experience, or if the work experience gives a basis for a Career Episode, you must provide a reference letter from your employer.

Keep in mind that only work experience obtained after completing the certification helping your nominated profession will be accepted. Hence, the work experience you have gained before or during your studies will not be accepted as relevant.

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Documents for Submission

Please note that the Engineers Australia (EA) will not accept the certified copies for an online application. EA only accepts the original color scans of the documents.

Guidelines for Reference Letter and Other Documents:

  • Reference letter needs to be written on the employing company’s official letterhead.
  • The letter should clearly indicate the company’s full address. Also, the corresponding telephone numbers, fax numbers, email, and website addresses need to be mentioned. Moreover, the issue date of the letter needs to be clearly mentioned.
  • The manager/direct supervisor of the HR/Department needs to endorse the letter.
  • The name as well position of the person endorsing the employment letter or document needs to be mentioned. It should be typed or stamped below that person’s signature. Also, the direct official contact number and email address of the person endorsing the documents need to be included.
  • The employing company’s stamp needs to be included.
  • Enlist 5 of your major duties under the position you undertook
  • The exact period of employment also needs to be included. So, put the start date and finish date along with the day, month, and year.
  • Furthermore, please indicate the nature of the position (full or part-time). Also, include the working hours per week.
  • Include the pay rate ( monthly, fortnightly, or annually)
  • Job Offer Letter with duties in the employer’s official letterhead, including the company’s full address, telephone, and fax numbers, stamp, email, and website addresses OR
  • a Yearly Performance Review Document (if it includes duties) prepared by the employer on their official letterhead. The performance review also needs to be signed by a more senior officer than you.
  • Reference letter endorsed by the Manager/Direct Supervisor/Human Resources Department, with official letterhead, stamp, full company address, telephone, and fax numbers, emails and website addresses and date of employment start and finish, etc. AND
  • Statutory Declaration/Affidavit by a direct supervisor providing your duties
Fees and Fast track application:

The following table enlists some expenses for the skill assessment:

Report of Standard Competency Demonstration $650.00 ($AUD)
Standard Competency Demonstration Report +
Related Skilled Employment Assessment (+$270 Excl. GST)
$920.00 ($AUD)
Standard Competency Demonstration Report +
Overseas PhD Assessment (+$205 Excl. GST)
$855.00 ($AUD)
Standard Competency Demonstration Report +
Related Skilled Employment Assessment (+$270 Excl. GST)
+ Overseas PhD Assessment (+$205 Excl. GST)
$1,125.00 ($AUD)
Fast Track Fee $250.00 ($AUD)

The normal processing time for the skill assessment (non-credited for assessment) is about 16 weeks. Furthermore, when you lodge your application, you have the chance to select the fast track option. However, you need to pay a fast-track service fee of about AUD 250.00 that will be added to your application. After you fast-track your application, it will be assigned to a case officer within ten business days.

Additional document(s) you need to provide:

  • Documents prepared by the related government agencies or other organizations that are not connected or related to your employer, for example, Social Security/Social Insurance Report OR
  • Income Tax (Acknowledgment)/Payroll Tax report from the employer OR
  • Superfund Contribution Statement OR
  • Provident Fund Statement/Retirement contribution reports OR
  • Work permit

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that the company name is stated on each document mentioned above.

Documents For Self-Employed

On the other hand, if you were self-employed, then please submit all the documents in the following points:

  • A confirmation from a third party about the duration of self-employment on their letterhead including stamp; the position worked and the individual tasks carried out (for example, signed by the client; or company solicitor accountant. etc.)
  • Government-issued proof of Registration of the engineering company as an engineer in the country
  • Receipts issued for your projects, including the stamps
  • Tax report of your business
  • Contracts that state the technical details and commencement date of the projects
  • Letter/Certificate of Completion issued by the local government agency

Frequently Asked Questions

Is engineering a viable career in Australia?

According to the research done by, engineering was still one of the top twenty in-demand occupations during the pandemic in Australia. (See article)

Do engineers get paid well in Australia?

Engineers in Australia have some of the highest salaries. The average salary of an engineer in 2019 was AUD 104,347 and is gradually growing. (See article)

Will these qualifications be recognized in my home country?

Yes, as long as your university is authorized by TEQSA (Australian Government Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) and accredited by an engineering association or society.

Are any scholarships available for international engineering students in Australia?

Yes, scholarships for international students are available in some universities and provided on academic merits. You will need to consult with the admission team for further information.

What are the entry requirements to pursue Automotive Technology in Australia?

To be eligible to enter and study in Australia, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • You must possess a valid passport.
  • You need an offer letter from the nominated institute.
  • You must provide proof of Overseas Student Health Cover.
  • You must provide evidence of adequate funds to support your livelihood for your stay in Australia.
  • You need to score at least a minimum on your English proficiency test.
  • You must hold all the necessary documents required by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Visa

Are there any internship opportunities for engineering students in Australia? Are the internships paid or unpaid?

Internships help gain hands-on experience and are available even for international students. It can be paid or unpaid depending on the company and the longevity of the placement.

How do I get started?

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