Scope of Commercial Cookery

The restaurant industry in Australia is booming thanks to more incomes, busier lifestyles, and less leisure time. According to market research, cooking is one of the top occupations where demand exceeds supply. As a result, chefs have a high employability rate in contrast to other professions in Australia.

In addition, commercial cookery graduates have a good chance of securing permanent residency in Australia. Once you complete your cookery course, doors will open for you towards a variety of job opportunities in the hospitality industry. For example, you can find opportunities in hotels, restaurants, and pubs in Australian cities.

Studying Commercial Cookery

Commercial cooking is a popular choice among international students because it has a lower tuition fee and a high employability rate. Cooking programs teach you how to make a variety of dishes, such as:

  • Appetisers
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Bakery items like bread and cakes

You’ll also learn how to function efficiently in the kitchen and follow proper food handling procedures.

Likewise, after completing a cookery course in Australia, such as a Certificate III, IV, or Diploma, you will be able to apply for permanent residency. However, you will also need to gain a chef’s qualification through Australia’s JRP (Job Ready Programme).

Popular Course Options

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

A certificate III in Commercial Cookery will cover essential topics such as basic nutrition, food production and processing, hygiene and sanitation, menu making, and costing. Such topics will be covered in detail throughout the course, and you can expect to gain a lot of practical experience. Also, graduates of this course are eligible to work in the hospitality industry of Australia. You can find jobs in companies such as motels, hotels, and bistros.

Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

The contents of Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery are similar to Certificate III in Commercial Cookery. However, the knowledge and experience you gain from this course will be much more extensive.  This course will help you get ready for a supervisory position. Therefore, if you complete the course in flying colors, you can expect to have advanced career prospects in Australia’s hospitality industry.

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery)

Students may begin the Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management only after obtaining Certificate III and IV in commercial cookery. With this advanced diploma, you can expect to get a broad understanding and experience of the hospitality industry. Likewise, this course will give you a thorough understanding of how to work independently, manage others, as well as make a variety of operational business decisions.

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